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Misc. FAQs

  • What are Clean Touch products?
  • Where can I find Stink Free and CLEAN TOUCH products in my local area?

What are Clean Touch products? Clean Touch products are a subsidiary of Stink Free, Inc., marketed under a different name to a different market. [Back to the Top]

Where can I find Stink Free and CLEAN TOUCH products in my local area? Unfortunately we are not able to tell you in which stores Stink Free products and Clean Touch products are carried in your area. Chains of stores may purchase products, but that is no guarantee that any individual store will have those products on their shelves at any given time. Distributors may purchase by the truckload and distribute to individual stores as they choose, or individual retail owners may purchase independently. Whether they carry only certain fragrances or sizes, run out of products and do not restock, choose not to carry items at their individual store or for whatever other reason, local product availabilities change constantly and it is be impossible for us to keep up with.
However, the good news is that you can usually find products in stock at www.stinkfreedirect.com. Here you do not have to spend your time and gas shopping all over town searching to find out if the items that you want are in stock, you can shop day or night, 24/7, and your products are delivered to your doorstep. Make the best use of your dollar spent by placing fewer orders and grouping several items in one order. Many items are discounted in multiples - subject to change at any time. [Back to the Top]