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Stop the Stink with Stink Free for Pet Odors and Clean Touch for Smoking Odor.

Stink Free products concentrate on the pet owners’ #1 stated irritation: PET ODOR REMOVAL. Our mission is to provide you with the most effective solutions. Stink Free products have withstood the test of time. Countless customers have testified to us how completely and thoroughly STINK FREE products work, even when other name brands have failed. We believe Stink Free products are the most effective pet odor control products available on the market today. Works for pets, people and all kinds of bad odors. See the Stink Free products demo for more information about how some of our Stink Free products are used .

Clean Touch products eliminate smoking odor from your home or office, car and your own skin, hair and clothing. They work on all kinds of smoking odor, including cigarette, pipe, cigar and more. Whether you smoke or not, Clean Touch smoking odor deodorizers keep you and your environment smelling smoke-free and fresh. Click here see Clean Touch Smoking Odor Eliminators.